Friends with benefits

  Having a friends with benefits relationship can be a little tricky. On one hand, at the beginning everything is cool becuase it’s commitment free, light, and fun. On the other hand, things become heavier and one of the parties involved becomes resentful. Continue reading


Warning signs

Dating is like a game that you need to be careful with. Do not ignore the red and hidden flags that your crush is sending to you. Whatever you do trust your guts because your gut is probably right. Do not stick around  a bad man thinking that things are going to get better. Continue reading

4 times you can be jealous

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I know this might sound absurd and akward to imagine yourself making him a jelousnesy scene. Well you are wrong because this is not what I mean. Most of the time you hold back your fears and feelings because you don’t want to act demanding and crazy. However, sometimes is necesary to show him that you are not ok with some moves he does. That tells him that he needs to respect you, and he will aprreciate the feedback. Just remember that you need to talk to him peacefully without acting insane and yelling at him. Continue reading

How to be good in bed

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Sex makes your relationship bond stronger. After time passes you and your guy develop an amazing connection. The idea of sweet and lazy sex position is good in theory because it means that you don’t need to impress him anymore, and you are taking him for granted. Wrong 😦 nothing last forever, so you need to mix things up. I’m not saying that you never can’t feel lazy or not in the mood, and that all the time sex has to be amazing and animalistic. You can keep it passionate and sweet sometimes, but not all the time. Continue reading

First Time Sex

First time sex is not as amazing as your peers say. Probably they say it because they are thinking of their current sex experience, and forget how their first hook up was like. I know you don’t want to hear this, but is more like your mom says it is lol. All bloody and painful 😦 lol I’m just kiddin’ don’t panic! ok let’s get serious is not neither how your mom tells you it is nor how your friends says it is, but somewhere in between. We need to take both sides of the story into account, why? well both of them have some sort of truth. Continue reading

First Date Tips

The very first date is the most important because is when you have the chance to give your best impression. You can’t afford to ruin it if you are really into the guy you are dating with. However, due to nervousness or whatever you do ruin the moment. DO NOT WORRY, I’m here to your rescue. Continue reading


  Kissing plays an important role in a relationship. kissing is as important or even more important as sex because it helps the couple build connection and attachment. some couples loose the habit of kissing as time passes. They have amazing sex, but they don’t really kiss. Here is how to do to recover the flame. Continue reading